Parent Involvement

At Over the Rainbow Early Learning Center we view parents and staff as partners in raising our nation’s children. We recognize the tremendous burdens on parents and strive to share the load while the children are in our care. While we recognize that no job is more challenging than raising a child, we also share the belief that no job is more rewarding.

Over the Rainbow Early Learning Center provides a support system for parents through cooperative planning and sharing of each child’s daily experiences. We make every effort to involve parents in the little joys that happen daily and consult with them at every opportunity for the welfare of their child. In our “no problem” atmosphere, our guiding principle is “always do for the child, what the child needs.” We truly believe it takes a whole village to raise a child, and we welcome and encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s “home away from home.”

All parents and family members are invited to share their special skills, occupations, hobbies, special family traditions, holidays or customs with our classes.

Parents are invited to join us at any time during the year – in the classroom, at special events, and on school trips. We also have an open door policy which welcomes parents of enrolled children, announced or unannounced, at any time during the center’s day. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Parents are welcome and needed as we join together to raise each child.